JAG COVID-19 Update - July 27, 2020

Last week we announced our intention to share our reopening plan with you by August 1st.  I want everyone to know that this will now be delayed a few days. Late last week the CDC released new guidance for the reopening of schools and this week the Ohio High School Athletic Association, Ohio Department of Health and the Governor have all shared that they have announcements to make regarding the opening of schools.  While our plan is nearly complete, the last thing we want to do is provide you with bad information.  We want to provide you with the most up to date plan possible for the safe return of our students and staff this fall.  We are eager to hear the announcements and hold our plan up to any new guidance or standards to ensure we are doing what is necessary to reopen for our students. We intend to have our plan released to you the first week of August.

Our first update is Online Learning.  We have received many questions about what JAG’s online learning will look like for those parents interested in taking that option.  Figuring this out has been like the story of the chicken and the egg...which came first?  What we will be able to structure for online learning depends greatly on how many students we have in the program.  For families to decide if they want to participate, they want to know what that structure is.  This makes planning very difficult.  What we can share about our online program is this:

  • The Curriculum will be recommended and selected by JAG teachers.

  • Students will have contact and support at least twice each week from a JAG teacher.

  • Technology and support will be provided by JAG.

  • A common platform of Google Classroom and Google Meets will be used to make things easier for parents to navigate.

  • Families choosing the online option will commit for the first semester.

  • Final Forms will be used to make your selection of “Online” or “In Person” in the coming weeks.

Our second update is regarding class assignments. Once we have determined how many students are taking the online option this fall we will most likely have to make adjustments to current class lists.  This will be done to ensure maximum social distancing and class balance. If your child is impacted your school principal will be in contact with you.

Next is supply lists.  As you prepare to return to school this fall you have probably started your back to school shopping.  I wanted to note that our supply lists are being updated this week to include two very important items.  Each supply list will include a thermometer for home use as well as some type of facial covering if you plan on returning to in-person schooling. We have partnered with a company from Chagrin Falls to create a customized online store for back to school safety items.  Items purchased from the online store will be delivered to the school and we can distribute to families at meal pickup or other assigned times.  The purchasing power allows us to pass along significant discounts to our families. The link to this store will be posted this week 

Finally, on behalf of all our staff, I would like to thank each of you for your patience.  We are all seeking answers and information on what this fall may look like and you have been very patient and supportive as we gather our answers.  We certainly appreciate your support through a very difficult time.

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me directly.  Have a great week, and Go G-Men!