Students from Mrs. Law's G-Men Time Activity, OK Inc., have once again been invited to the Friends 4 Friends Film Festival on Sunday, September 17th at 3:00 pm.  The Friends 4 Friends Campaign inspires youth to become future leaders within their school and communities.  Through this program students think creatively and work together to compose a short film around a variety of challenges their peers might face.  This years film is titled Social Media: Put Down the Phone, Pick Up Your Life and presents the delicate balance between real world tasks competing against digital distractions.  A huge shout out goes out to all the students, staff members, families, and to Director Brownlee for the hard work that went into this cinema quality production.  Please like and share below to show your support for our G-Men community.  Great job everyone, it's a great time to be a G-Man!

Social Media: Put Down the Phone, Pick Up Your Life

Owen’s parents are concerned about the hours he is spending on social media. After Owen misses the bus, his father wants him to hand over his phone at 10 p.m. Is this the worst rule ever or is there more to life than looking at a screen?