Go G-Men!

Attention Middle School Families... We are thrilled to announce our next group of recipients for the prestigious "G-Men of the Month" recognition at Garfield Middle School!  Through the G-Men of the Month program, we celebrate the outstanding achievements and embodiment of our District's Core Values by three remarkable individuals: 

Violet (8):  Staff members had mentioned that Violet is kind and always willing to help others.  She is a good friend and is someone students can go to when they need advice.  

Ellie (7): Staff members had mentioned that Ellie is always attentive in class, helpful, polite, and exemplifies our District's Core Values on a daily basis.  

Mr. Moser (Staff):  Students had mentioned that Mr. Moser is sweet, kind and respectable.  He really tries to make sure that all of his students do their best, he cares about all of his students, and he is extremely funny.  Several mentioned that he is one of their absolute favorite teachers that they have ever had and that he has a great sense of humor.  

Go G-Men!The G-Men of the Month recognition is particularly special because it is nominated and voted on by both students and staff, highlighting the unity and support within our school.  It serves as a testament to the hard work, dedication, and kindness that are at the heart of our GMS community.  

Let's take a moment to congratulate Violet, Ellie, and Mr. for their well-deserved recognition as this month's G-Men of the Month!  Your achievements inspire us all, and we are proud to have you as part of our team.   It's a great time to be a G-Man! 

Go G-Men!