The Middle School would like to introduce Morgan Harris as our student spotlight of the week.  Morgan is in 8th grade and plays volleyball.  Last year she received the 7th grade Math award and she is striving to earn it again this year!

Her favorite activity is Math (if she has to pick one).  She says she didn't really like Math until Middle School but she is learning new ways to solve problems and she especially likes getting A's back on her tests.

She likes our district because district because all of the students and teachers and the other staff members are respectful towards others and their belongings. The teachers also have great teaching methods so all students can get good grades.  

In the future, she plans to be a pediatrician because she loves to be around children.  

Morgan believes that respect is the most important core value, because if you have respect for others you will get respect back and that creates new friendships. So that is why you should respect others.