Dear JAG Community-

At approximately 8:45 this morning two middle school students reported they overheard a conversation about a school shooting that may occur during third period or after lunch. 

Because we take all threats seriously the authorities were involved immediately. After gathering information from the two students and reviewing video footage a number of students were identified and questioned.  Once the students were questioned the authorities recommended the building be put into a soft lockdown at approximately 9AM for the safety of all students and staff while the investigation took place.  

During a soft lockdown students are not permitted to be in the halls, classroom doors are locked and instruction may continue.  Soft lockdown procedures allow authorities to interview students and search the premises without interruption. 

Due to the serious nature of a threat such as this and the complexity of the number of individuals that needed to be interviewed the Garrettsville Police Department requested assistance from the Portage County Sheriff's office. Because of the number of places needing to be searched and the number of cameras that needed to be reviewed the lockdown lasted 3 hours and 10 minutes. 

At the conclusion of the investigation the authorities felt there was no active or immediate threat to students and staff and the lockdown was lifted.

We are appreciative of our relationship with the Garrettsville Police Department.  They were responsive and thorough in their investigation.


Ted A. Lysiak, Superintendent

Tim Christopher, Garrettsville Police Chief

Emily Ahrens, District SRO