James A Garfield Local Schools - Central Registration

Welcome to JAG!

Welcome to the James A. Garfield Local School District, home of the G-men!  We are excited to welcome new (and returning) students into the district.

To make your first experience at JAG as smooth as possible, we utilize a central registration process. Please contact Chris Schaefer at 330.527.4341 or register@jagschools.org to get started today.

You can learn more about our open enrollment criteria here.

If you are open enrolling into our district you will need to complete the Open Enrollment Form. Please contact Chris Schaefer at 330.527.4336 or cschaefer@jagschools.org.  Deadline for open enrollment is August 15, 2024.  Open enrollment registration will be finalized by August 19th and New Student Registration will be finalized by August 21st.