Good evening.  I wanted to share some important updates as we near our fifth week of school closure.

First, I want to thank all of our parents and caregivers who are helping support the learning of children at home.  We know this is not ideal and our teachers appreciate the work you are doing to help with learning when you can. We all applaud you for juggling your daily responsibilities and communicating with our staff.  One thing is certain, we will all have many stories to share for years to come.

Second, I wanted to remind everyone that report cards are now available online through Progress Book. If you are not able to login you can contact your building principal.  If you do not have Internet access and need a paper copy you can simply call or email your building principal and a copy will be mailed to you.

Mrs. Kisabeth - or 330.527.4341

Mr. Hatcher - or 330.527.2151

Mrs. Ensinger - or 330.527.2184

Ms. Leindecker - or or 330.527.2184

I wanted to remind everyone that JAG continues to provide meals to ALL students from 10am-noon and 5pm-7pm every Monday. Pickup is easy and completed at the elementary school.  Simply pull up to the curb, provide your child’s name and one of our team members will bring a bag of five lunches and five breakfasts to you. Delivery is also available if you are unable to make the pickup times. You can call 330.527.4336 to arrange for weekly delivery. 

Our Alternative Learning Plan 2.0 has been well-received and we have more and more teachers connecting live with students through Google Hangouts and Zoom thanks to your feedback.   

The next phase of the Alternative Learning Plan will be released next week.  Online activities will be posted Monday, April 20 at 3pm and packets will be available Tuesday, April 21 beginning at 7am. Again, we will have bins at the elementary and high school to turn in any completed work    

The next phase of our learning plan will cover the next 10 school days between Monday, April 20 and Friday, May 1.

Right now the governor’s order runs through May 1st so we will plan on our students returning on Monday, May 4th, but many signs are pointing to the fact that time together with our students may not happen this year.  Time will tell. Stay tuned for updates.

I also wanted to share that we are currently working on answers to questions about what grades will look like for the fourth grading period, graduation and spring sports.  We will have information on each of these topics in the coming weeks, but the reality is that a significant trigger impacting the answers will be the governor’s decision to return or remain closed.  As soon as we work through these answers we will share them with you.

Navigating difficult times is one way to learn what a community is made of.  The grit, teamwork and compassion demonstrated by each of you over the past five weeks in supporting our staff and kids has been inspiring.  On behalf of the entire Garfield Local Schools I want to thank you for making JAG the very best place to live, work and learn.

Have a great night, and Go G-Men!