Hello, I am writing with an important message regarding the closure of our schools.  Moments ago, Governor DeWine announced that schools will remain closed for the duration of this school year. This has been something our staff has been preparing for and I am calling to reassure you that every one of our staff members is ready and eager to support our students and families as we continue our extended closure.

I wanted to assure everyone that we will continue to provide meals to ALL students from 10am-noon and 5pm-7pm every Monday. Pickup is easy and completed at the elementary school.  Simply pull up to the curb, provide your child’s name and one of our team members will bring a bag of five lunches and five breakfasts to you. Delivery is also available if you are unable to make the pickup times. You can call 330.527.4336 to arrange for weekly delivery.

Moments ago, the third version of our Alternative Learning Plan was released ( online and tomorrow paper packets will be available for pick up at the elementary and high school main entrances. 

Now that Governor DeWine has clarified our closure, we can begin to make decisions that will provide more clarity as to how our school year will look like over the next six weeks.

We know that alternative learning will continue through June 4, 2020 which is the end of Garfield’s school year and we will be providing parents and students more guidance on what grading will look like later next week.  

We know that many of our students and families are experiencing anxiety and uneasiness without school as a structure in their life.  We will continue to connect individuals with resources and expand opportunities for them to connect with supports they may need.

Kristi Fiorentino - Prevention Case Manager (

Emily Ahrens - School Resource Officer (

Allison Caser - Elementary School Counselor (

Shelby Scirocco - School Counselor (grades 7-9) (

Stephanie Damron - School Counselor (grades 10-12) (

Susan Poole - School Nurse (

Finally, I want to provide you with some assurance.  There will be a day when our students return. There will be a graduation, and there will be a great number of reasons to celebrate.  The James A. Garfield schools have always come together in times of need and this is no different. We will get through this.  

Thank you again for your continued flexibility and support as we navigate these uncharted waters.