Seniors - Important Graduation Recording Information

Your time is almost here!  Graduation recording will take place this week.  Here are a few reminders of what you will be doing when you arrive.

  • Please arrive early or on time and use the road in front of the event entrance doors.  You should be ready to be recorded as you walk into the building
  • If you and your family arrive early, please park in the parking lot until close to your time and then pull into the bus pickup road.
  • Stay in your car until Mr. Lysiak asks you to come inside.  Your car(s) will be parked at the doors until you return.  Please bring as few cars as possible.
  • Mr.  Lysiak and other staff members will direct you to the appropriate locations inside the building.
  • Remember that only eight people can join the graduate in the building.
  • We have assigned two graduates to a time slot, but multiple graduate groups will not be in the gym at the same time.
  • After walking across the stage, the group will be directed towards a photo opportunity created by Mrs. Frato-Sweeney and Mr. Forgacs.  
  • After the photo opportunity, families will be directed to return to their cars and drive around to the high school front entrance to pick up the graduate.
  • The graduate will go to their locker to get their belongings and will meet the family at the high school entrance.  
  • The graduate should have EVERYTHING they need to turn in; books, Chromebook, uniforms and should be prepared to take all of their belongings from their locker with them.
  • All “stations” (gym, photo op, and locker clean out) must be on a strict time frame to help everyone stay on schedule and get their opportunities.  Please be courteous and understanding.