August 17 - JAG COVID-19 Update

Good afternoon G-Men Nation - 

Today,  I am writing with your weekly update on plans for the upcoming school year.

First, I would like to remind you of some important dates for the start of school.  If you have elected to learn online this fall your first day of class will be on Tuesday, September 8th.  

In person classes will begin for half our students (those in Group A) on Tuesday, September 8th and the other half (those in Group B) on Wednesday, September 9th.  All students will return for in person learning on Thursday, September 10th.  

Students in Preschool and Kindergarten will begin school on Monday, September 14th.  

Group assignments have been made to create the most equal balance.  Families who have last names beginning with the letters A-K will be assigned to Group A and those who have last names beginning with the letters L-Z will be assigned to Group B.  We have taken family groupings of individuals with different last names into account as well.  If you have questions about which group you have been assigned you can call your school office and someone will be happy to assist you.  Unfortunately, individual requests to change groups cannot be honored as we are doing our best to keep groups balanced.

Second, I would like to let you know that we are receiving many questions about fans at sporting events.  As of today we are still awaiting guidance from Governor DeWine and will meet to discuss our procedures immediately after receiving direction from the State. We hope to have answers to these questions by the end of this week.

Today I would also like to discuss masks and social distancing.  Wearing masks and social distancing while on our campus are requirements for all.  This includes students, staff and visitors. I have watched our student athletes, band members, coaches and directors do an amazing job of “Backing up” and “Masking up” over the past few months.  I appreciate their efforts in setting an example for everyone.  These behaviors are selfless and ones I am very proud to see. Masks and distancing are are new to us all, but necessary if we want to return to school, sports and all the things that we treasure about Garfield.  Please remember when on campus to “Back up” and “Mask up” to stop the spread of the virus.

As we approach the start of the school year in the coming weeks we will have many important pieces of information to share.  You can continue to expect us to be transparent and share information with you in a timely manner. 

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me directly.  Have a great day, and Go G-Men!