No changes for JAG Learning next week

Today, Governor DeWine announced that Portage County has been designated Red on the Ohio Public Health Advisory System. As our plan calls for, I consulted with the Portage County Health Commissioner. Because we continue to have a very limited number of cases in our zip codes, the fact that we currently have no positive cases in our schools and the fact that we have a very small number of students quarantined, the health commissioner felt maintaining our present course was the best thing for our kids. Next week JAG will remain learning in person five days/week.

Our data reinforces the positive behavior of you and our kids to mask up, back up and wash up and I am proud of these efforts.  Portage County’s move to Red, however, presents a teachable moment for all of us. I would like everyone to please take some time next week to remind your children of the importance of masking up, backing up and washing up.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly.

Have a great day, and Go G-Men!