Apply for free/reduced meals today

As we continue this interesting year of 2020, many of the families at James A Garfield have not reapplied for free/reduced meals.  This does make sense, as meals are currently free for all students, both breakfast and lunch, but there are other important considerations. 

The school district receives various funding and is eligible for additional grant opportunities based on the number of free/reduced applicants attending school.  A reduction in applicants leads to a reduction in funding. 

Also many families received pandemic funding cards through the Ohio Department of Job & Family Services if they qualified for free/reduced meals.  The data is collected through the school district and if you do not have a current application on file with James A Garfield; any future relief funds will not be available to you. 

If you have already applied or received a direct certification letter, thank you!  If not, please consider completing an application either via the online system at  or you can download a copy of the application at

If you have questions, please contact the district office at 330.527.4336 or via email at and we will assist you.